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eSports betting- The New Trend!

Video games are the game of the past

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An Introduction to eSports betting

Sports betting aren’t something new; it’s been here since long.

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eSports betting- The New Trend!

Video games are the game of the past. We hope that most of you were a die-hard fan of those that seem to have conquered the globe. Video games were like today's candy crush, there isn’t anybody who hasn't had a chance to play once, and in case if there is someone, and then they have surely missed the most amazing experiences of life.

We have seen the casino come alive with the online casinos.Though many people play it for some fun, there are few of them who end up in playing them as a competition in online tournaments. At the end, it’s a game played for fun, but a little seriously, in a more professional way.

Yeah, we are talking about video gaming getting more professional, in case you are a gamer; you will know how serious can a casual gaming can get! The bigger contest is when the teams and players come competing for a huge prize money, millions together.

An Introduction to eSports betting:

Sports betting aren’t something new; it’s been here since long. People betting on games and sports like cricket, baseball, football, Horserace etc. are here since decades. But betting on eSports like Video Games is something new that might be the upcoming trend.

Traditional bookmakers were the only way and point of contact for betting. These days we have tons of betting options, loads of it. The betting options are also plenty, not just games and sports are under this, even the world famous Video gaming is under the banner.

Thinking of Video gaming is a sport? Yeah, it falls under the category of e-Sports. One common aspect of this game to the general sports is that it is also under the betting category, and isn't anywhere less to any other sport. This game also sees hundreds of billions of betting every while and the numbers are just increasing.

The beginning of e-sports betting:

E-Sports betting has gained popularity only in the recent past, until then it was on, only on an informal basis. It was carried out within the video gaming community, so people wanting to bet had to take up on individuals using private wagers.

Later the bettors did enter the markets with the increasing demand. But the guarantee part was a little tricky, as people had to only rely on the honesty and integrity of the people they betting with.

So, what are the different types of e-sports betting?

Just like any other sports betting, this one also has many types. Let’s learn:

  • Challenge betting
  • Real Money betting
  • Social betting
  • Skin and item betting
  • Fantasy e-sports

Well, do you know if this type of betting is legal? Read on to know.

E-Sports betting is legal or illegal:

Well, this is a pretty tricky question, since this is a new booming type of bet; there aren’t plenty of bookmakers offering this type of bets. Second, the legalisation has happened only in few regions around the globe.

You can assume of applying the same online sports betting rules and regulations to this one too, but unless and until a rule is applied it’s uncertain to say if it’s purely legal or illegal. Though it might be illegal, we haven’t heard a single point where it states that e-sports betting is illegal and has an offensive outcome.

Do the e-sports betting happen tobe like any other sports betting?

No, we can’t answer this in a single phrase. Since there are different types, each one has a way to be played. Fantasy betting and Skin and item betting are 2 online betting options available among them.

Though they are available online, there aren’t many sites that support and bring out the game. Only very few have this option of betting. There are few smaller sites that offer the option, but the sites aren’t officially acclaimed. The one for fantasy sports is Draft kings, which is authorised and official.

Skin and item betting still doesn’t have any official site, hence no recommendations there.

Real money betting has lots of sites that are legalised. In nations like the UK, there are legalised shops just like the bookmakers, taking the bet for you, without any risk.

We hope that this was a good brief read about the latest of gambling and betting. Will come up with more, stay with us @